MSP Water Rocket Launch Platform

MSP Water Rocket Launch Platform

Theres a great website which has some excellent designs for a 3d printed water bottle rocket - but I found that the base plans didn't withstand a lot of force - either because I had my infill set way to low when I printed, or possibly I'm just a violent person. Either way, some snappage has occurred whilst MiniSpacePig and myself were doing pressure testing.

It seems to me that the entire leg connection could be improved though - so a little bit of reverse engineering (they do offer their free cad designs, but I wanted to work in Fusion), and then we have this:

Which is pretty much ready for printing. The main design differences are:

  • extending the 'trigger pin' hole through to the middle, allowing the trigger pin to be supported on both sides when primed and under tension.
  • Ribbing between the leg arms (that curve), as well as a wider line - the arms don't connect to 'stubs' meaning theres no narrow neck point, instead its a tangent from the outer circle of each arm stub.

This should mean that even at lower infills, theres a better strength of the arms.