New Home & Starting Post

New Home & Starting Post

It's always hard to write the first post for a blog, and express where you're going with this site and the things that you want to do. It started actually with our gaming channel, where I wanted to talk about more technical posts and ideas, and made a video called "Data Science on the EmpireCraft server", Which at the time I knew wasn't quite what the viewers of that channel wanted, but I had a lot of fun doing it, and I realised I wanted to do more geeky things and maybe less just walking around Minecraft showing me putting down blocks - I love doing that, but it wasn't making good videos.

First 'Geek' Post from the Wootaboots Channel

So instead of trying to change Wootaboots, I decided to make a brand new channels, which I called Invalid Entry, and this was to showcase a bunch of stuff, especially things like heart rate OBS overlays and some radio and some python. Towards the end of 2020, I did an advent challenge, making 24 videos in 24 days, which really helped me expand both my youtube video making knowledge, as well as making better videos.

Today the channel sits at a very respectable 31 subscribers, and I'm pleased with the level of content that I'm producing, for the amount of time and effort I put in. Recently, I've been playing with fractals a lot (which is a reflection of a combination of Covid 19 Lockdown, the bad weather etc). I also found that there was a significant amount of things that I was doing which did not lend itself to a video format - sometimes I want to show diagrams or have other materials, more like a standard blog.

So here we are, 2021, a new website: which is my little notebook of fun and interesting things.